F-SHAPE (Future Space for Shared and Personal Learning and Working) is a research and development project shared by University of Jyväskylä (Institute for Educational Research, Centre for Applied Language Studies, Language Centre) and University of Tampere (INFIM).  The project is funded by TEKES for yearr 2010 and 2011. Our partners are Nordea,  LudoCraft, FINVA, Mediamaisteri, IBM and Humap.

The project intends to develop and research a flexible learning solution especially to fit the needs of adult learners and work life. The project merges the boundaries of different learning spaces: virtual (social media & 3D), personal and shared space, informal and formal learning.

The concept of personal learning environment (PLE), is central in the project in the sense that our aim is to challenge traditional learning management systems and virtual learning environments that are mainly designed to serve the purposes of the organization.  The F-SHAPE project is looking for learning concepts, solutions and environments that respect the needs of the individual learner, while still aknowledging the interests of the organization and supporting collaborative and community-based aspects of learning.


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